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Season 11, whaaaaaat is happening?!

Seriously, whoda thought we'd still be here in season 10, much less renewed for season 11?

I'm happy for the Js continuing to work together Vancouver, it's nice little bubble for them, but the show is suffering and that's what's hard to swallow. Sam and Dean had 10 minutes of air time in the mid season finale, WTF you know? I get that J2 want time off, but this is past the point of ridiculous.

I say they change the show to an 1/2 hour format for Season 11, side characters who've outgrown their usefulness can gtfo and leave our boys to do what they do best, together. At least that we'll get quality and quantity, and I don't watch Supernatural for this filler shit we get now that makes no sense.

Yes, I know that won't happen but hey, it's a solution that I could live with.

Meanwhile, fandom is fast becoming "less fun" than it used to be for lots of reasons I'm sure I don't have to explain here. I never thought I'd say these things about show or fandom but I'm frustrated all around. Carver has turned our show and fandom into a shadow of it's former self.
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Voice Meme!

Thanks to the brilliance of tebtosca (she has such fun ideas,) I've recorded a voice meme about myself and fandom stuff. Yes, I'm southern and yes I butcher latin like a son of a bitch LOL. There are a lot of us participating, and listening to our fellow fans from around the world has been a blast!

this is me:

If you want to participate, here's a link to her journal - go do it, or at least listen!
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Season 9 renewal already!

ETA: Well I guess you think you know someone and then they defriend you. Oh well, guess she has enough friends.

YAY! Guess the bromance in the second half of the season is working since the ratings are really up (1.0 demo is awesome)! Congrats to Jensen and Jared for getting another year of amazing performances and Winchester angst. Let's hope we get through the rest of this season without much more heartache - the first half about killed me!

Hard to believe it's been eight and a half years since this pic was taken...oh boys

J2 S1
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Happy Almost New Year

Goodness it's been way too long since I posted here, hope all of you are doing well and had a nice Christmas. A New Year is just ahead of us, can't wait to see what it will bring. I'm really looking forward to going to Vegas Con in March, hope to see some of you there :)

Thanks to j_r_hartley for the VG Gingerbread Man, he was scrumptious!

Season 8 has been interesting so far, to say the least. The boys fighting, acting like's heartbreaking to watch. One of my wishes for the new year is that they find each other again, remember where they've been and what they've been through for each other. That's a pretty big wish! I just hope Carver remembers the wonderful moments he gave the boys in the past and gives those to us, and them, again. *crosses everything*
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WOOT I Found J2 and Jensen Photo ops for Vegas!


I'm going to Vegas Con in March and I missed out on the J2 sandwich and Jensen photo ops, dammit! If you know of someone who's not going and needs to sell these I'll be glad to take them off their hands.

I know at this point that the prices may be jacked by supply and demand - ahhhh captitalism! but I'm willing to pay a reasonable price.

Thanks and hugs to my flist :D
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Wow where did Hellatus Go?

I haven't been in this LJ for months! Wow okay, how's everyone's summer been? Mine has been good, I went to Vancon and it was fantastic - had a blast with my friends and met some amazing new ones who I have a lot of things in common with *cough* hats *cough* so that was fun. We went to some interesting restaurants on Davie St. in Downtown Vancouver where they fly the rainbow flag loud and proud. The food was great and the atmosphere was very laid back and lots of couples of all types enjoying themselves. I love Vancouver so much and I would move there in a heartbeat if I had the chance to. Maybe one day...

I'm still pretty much homebound with my mother in law but it's okay, we're making it work and at least I have my con trips to look forward too and fics to read, not to mention gossiping with friends about the Js and their shenanigans - so I stay busy and entertained with that at least.

I can't believe the new season starts next week, four months goes by fast these days! We've seen the spoilers and the new clips and the first episode looks great, especially with the boys hugging and also Dean in Purgatory. It appears that Badass Dean is back with a vengeance and I can't wait to see him in action again. I was in "Purgatory" at that exact spot where the promo pic of Dean and Benny was taken and I have pics to prove it :D Some of the reports about the new season have me concerned, but I'm not gonna judge until I see what happens. All that matters is the boys are working together and working out their problems together, that's what's important to me.

I got the new DVDs and I'm rewatching some of my favorite epis from S7 - Time after Time, Hello Cruel World and some others that have most of the bromance in them are wonderful, and the extras are so great too. The deleted scenes of the boys in some brotherly moments, what a disappointment they weren't in S7 where they belonged but I digress *sigh*

I laughed my ass off at the gag reel and Jensen singing All Out Of Love in the POS, good stuff. Ash put her amazing talents to work again and created a new vid for us to enjoy - if you haven't seen it, it's J2 at their best. Love it!

vid credit: Ash4897
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I see how it is now.....unfortunately

Since there was little response to this post I'm going to comment on it myself.

What I've learned since being in this fandom for over two years (which isn't a long time compared to a lot of you) is that if you say something that is in anyway negative towards OUR SHOW that you are possibly blacklisted, totally shit on, or ignored.

Wow fandom, what a way to stick together on something we all know is a problem right now with OUR SHOW.

At least I'll know that I tried to make a difference with OUR SHOW. And for those who don't think that letters or emails don't make a difference I refer you to Season 6 and 7 of Supernatural. If you can't figure out what I'm talking about then I will not explain it to you.

So, when Season 8 rolls around and our Winchester Boys are still acting like strangers towards each other you can scratch your heads and ask WTF is going on with the show I used to love? At least I will know that I tried to make a difference.
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Want to make a difference for Supernatural Season 8?

Are you unhappy with the way Season 7 ended up like I am...with Dean in Purgatory and not calling out for Sam, I know WTF right? Where the hell did the bromance go? Are you upset with the writing going downhill for ALL the characters? Then do something about it!

I don't want Cas off the show, what I do want is the show we've all grown to love to return to it's glory days. The first part of Season 7 was amazing with the brothers acting like brothers...the last half they acted like they barely knew each other rather than the boys we know would die for each other in a heartbeat.

Even Jensen said there were two scenes cut from the finale that were brother moments and also there is a vid of him saying the writers do pay attention to fan feedback. All of that is on the Silent Majority website (see the link below).

We can make a difference. Do as I've done - go to for more information on how to contact the CW, writers and producers and to read the mission statement of The SPN Silent Majority. And before you think of wanking here about them being behind the "I Hate Misha Collins" bullshit fiasco, don't even think about it. The Silent Majority was in no way connected to that and they have proof. There are some very vocal Destiel fans who are trying to turn this into a hate campaign which couldn't be farther from the truth.

The LJ comm for The Silent Majority is here so go join up there too:

Now GO - write those letters and emails like I have! Spread the word to your other friends who are hanging onto our show by a thread. We can make a difference in the quality of OUR Show.

(There are also Twitter and Facebook links on the website)